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Constantine :: S01E10 :: Quid Pro Quo

I know, I am totally late to the recap party, but let's start off with how DELICIOUS Constantine is! Omnomnom. This entire season so far has been crazy & intense. Now, lets get this recap going.

So homegirls daddy is a cult leader! Awesome. & once again Constantine is going to try and be the hero. How nice.
Poof, you are ninja like.
Chas - we are still semi clueless as to why you just do not die. But maybe one day. Maybe S2? & his poor daughter. I am just devastated over his daughters soul. Get it back John! Get it back! But really, why is he not around his child more often? (PS I am still confused as to the flashbacks - way to go producers.) Hi ho, hi ho, off to the medium we go. Y'all see Chas totally wack the mediums nose? Ouch! Cue little summoning of Geraldine & why hello mage! 


Over cooked medium anyone?


Let me do this spell real quick.

So this geriatric mage is all about stealing souls to make him more powerful. & he is asking Constantine to cast a demon out of him to his power won't be sapped. Constantine does the job - they get the soul for Chas's daughter back.

It is an invisible kitty! Meow!
So supposedly the spell John casted on Chas at the bar apparently worked. & he absorbed the lives of all of those that died at bar fire. Seems legit.
I am having a hard time with this show, let alone doing the recap for it. I feel like its just new monsters each week with no real plot. What do you think?
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Bitten :: S01E13 :: Ready

I don't even know how to do this recap. Honestly, there were like 12 words spoken throughout this entire episode. Obviously if you watched last weeks we know war was coming to Stonehaven...and of course it did. Behind everything wasn't Santos - it was Jeremy's father - Malcolm Danvers. So the whole thing, this entire "war" is over Elena. All of it - I am going to guess because she is the only female to survive being bitten & her little wolfy eggs will turn into purebred werewolves - quite possibly even female wolves. Logan's lady love is being held captive by said Malcolm Danvers as well, which is going to be interesting come season 2. Karl switched teams & is now #teampack - which we all saw coming. Jeremy did show some super great mercy in allowing this to happen. Elena totally smushed Santos's heart - literally. Reached her hand into the douches chest & squished. High five to her! Obviously Clay & Elena are hooking back up, she put her ring on folks. Yes the ring she kept in the middle drawer of her vanity. & while she was ogling over said ring in the mirror she sees a head with a tuft of hair on it in her bed. She strolls on over & BAM - it's Phillips head - and only his head. Malcolm left her a little present. Cue her screaming & end credits. That folks was the season finale of Bitten. To be honest, the show is a slow mover. I love it, and love the wolves, but it's just a slow moving show. However, the books are FANTASTIC!!!! If season 2 is anything like book 2, it will definitely be a good watch. If you're interested in reading the series, here is the link to the first book - CLICK ME. Read them, you will LOVE!! Now here are some photos from tonights finale. 



Star-Crossed :: S01E06 :: Stabbed With A White Wench's Black Eye

Well tonight’s episode was a doozy. Where to even begin.

The episode started out with Emery running where a tabloid reporter stops her and shows her a clip of a video of her & miracle girl discussing cyper & the awesomeness it is. Whoops! In order to keep Roman & the Atrians secret about cypers healing properties she makes a deal to give tabloid fella a better story. & man did she ever deliver! Turns out she gets wind of a Red Hawks meeting & turns the info over to the tabloid fella. In the process of him running his story at the end of the episode, Greysons mom is arrested for her terrorist ways. Which honesly, thank god! The Atrians were facing a cruel & horrific death by explosion if the information hadn’t been brought to light. We also have miracle girl to thank for getting the location of the meeting out of Eric. She was ninja like in getting info out of him.

Drake got an invite to go to the gala from his fellow tattooless trag & Roman being ever suspicious, as he should be, went as Drake’s +1. Once they get to the gala said fellow she-trag gives Drakes their next mission, which consists of kidnapping Greyson & bringing him to a remote location to hold as their prisoner. His only means of release would be allowing 5 Atrians released from the crate – Drakes mom & she-trags father. Well, the only way to get Greyson out was to slip him what I am going to assume was an Atrian roofie into her drink so he went nu-night. Roman, being the ever so dashing hero went after them. He glows blue while he swims, like entirely blue. Can the fella get any more dreamy? Anyways, Roman catches up to she-trag & Drake & she-trag (knowing her name is useless) decides to try and run Roman over but Drake jerked the wheel essentially saving Roman, but wrecking the car he, she-trag & Greyson were in. She-trag pulls a gun, Drake being a bad ass knocked it from her hands, the rest is history. Last she was seen, she was hitch hiking. O_o Drake & Roman were able to get Greyson back to his home safely.

Emery was able to corrupt the video file of her & miracle girl talking about cyper. Whew. Our Atrians are safe another day! However, tabloid fella hooked up with a teacher & spilled a bit & now the teacher wants to know who the 2 lady students are who were in the video.

NOW, our sweet dashing, ever so handsome leader essentialy confessed his undying love for Emery. Let us take a moment & swoon. Ok, swooning moment over. The Greyson/Emery/Roman dynamic is still a bit up in the air for me personally. I think Greyson isn’t down for what the Red Hawks are doing, yet he still participates to some degree. Roman, well, he is just trying to protect everyone, all while Emery wants to play both teams – whether she admits it or not. I mean really, 2 dashing hunky fellas, I’d play both sides. o_O

At the end of this episode Greyson shows up at Emery’s house seeking comfort & understanding & a safe haven because he can not go to the press conference and support his mommy. Our main squeeze Roman sneaks up the back door, probably going to go profess his love for Emery again only to see her canoodling with Greyson. Ugh. I wanted to drop kick her in that moment. Just for the simple fact I know Greyson is shady as all hell.

Such frustration in this episode. Massive frustration. I just want to see Roman & Emery finally hook up & someone to slap some sense into Drake. & for us to know the actual motives behind Greyson, because I am c.o.n.v.i.n.c.e.d they are not in Emery’s best interest.

Here is the promo photos of next weeks episode of Star-Crossed:

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Bitten :: S01E11 :: Settling

"When trouble comes, it's your family that supports you."

So we all know Clay had to go to Toronto with Elena, for her protection of course & via orders from Jeremy. If you watched last weeks episode you know this & you know Phillip basically found out abou Clay & Elena & her lingering feelings for Clay. Well in this episode the mutts finally start their attack. 

Jeremy & Nick are trying to get to Toronto, yet the FBI shows up wanting to search their property due to the psycho path murdering folks & dragging them to Stonehaven. This delays their trip to Toronto. Thankfully they don't find anything leading back to Jeremy or the pack, so at the end of the episode Nick & Jeremy high tail it to Toronto. & anyone else notice the chemistry between the sheriff & Jeremy?? Future hook up maybe? 

Logan & his lady love are of course in danger. Logan had called Rachel at the gallery & in walks Karl. You can hear Logan screaming her name, clearly worried to all high hell he is going to lose her & their unborn son. Karl seems to let her go without any incident. However, the creepy psycho path & Karl follow her back to Logans. Logan tries to convince her to go to Jamaica on a whim as a last hoorah before their little wolf baby is born. Rachel is reluctant and Logan looses it. Which is totally understandable. Only when Elena shows up & explains it to her does Rachel take it serious. After ELena leaves Karl & the psycho path (I really forgot his name) show up, and Logan hides his lady love in the shower as he goes all ninja like to save her, his unborn child & of course himself. He uses a cell phone charge cord to strangle Karl and then the psycho path. Rachel walks in on him taking down the quack & he tossed him from their home. Karl didn't die and apparently escaped during Logan's brawl with the psycho. & seeing that Logan was stabbed he asked Rachel to take him to Stonehaven, no doctors either. This is very curious since she isn't supposed to go to Stonehaven. Interesting, very interesting.

This love triangle between Elena, Clay & Phillip just gets more & more tangled. In this episode Clay is telling Elena she has to ensure things end between her & Phillip. Oddly enough he shows back up at their apartment. He & Elena converse & then he asks her to leave. Fast forward 5 minutes later she goes back in & he pops the question. Seriously, so sweet & I love Phillip. Elena ends up ducking out on Phillip & Clay. Santos & Victor show up and rage an all out attack on the 2 loves of Elena's life. Victor stabbed Philip, blood everywhere, Clayton is like a ninja bad ass who can come to my rescue any day. Elena ends up doing the one thing she hates the most & that's shifting. Yet in doing so she is able to bite off 2 of Victors fingers & saves Phillip. Clayton however was knocked out & taken. Elena shifted back in her bathroom with Phillip still conscious and he basically got the jest that she is a wolf & you get the point. She also told him that in a perfect world she would have married him. Gahhhhh, how devastating. 

There wasn't much else to this episode. Now it is time to find Clayton & see what happens next. Here is next weeks promo photo preview to Bitten.

Bitten :: S01E08 :: Prisoner

                                   "You are the reason why I become stronger. But still, you are my weakness."

Man, the opening scene of this episode was so saddening. It was nothing but a somber reminder that the pack had lost Antonio in such a brutal way. Jeremy is still ill from being poisoned & stabbed. Nick is gone. Logan never came from Toronto. The pack is clearly falling apart and barely holding it together. Not a good way to demonstrate their strength. The mutts are doing their job well by tearing them apart. With Cain in the cage downstairs it gives Clayton the prime chance to find out what was used to poison Jeremy. Cain shifting to a wolf didn't hold Clayton back either. 

The Sobe girl from last week is back again, this time with stills from that cell phone video of the wolf fighting the coyote. & in her stills Philip sees Elena's stack of clothes from that nightly run with Logan. Uh-oh. & Sobe trying to sneak in on Phillip for some lip action was just pathetic. He may not have a clue as to what the deal with Elena is, but you have to give the fella credit, he does love her & is loyal to her. He gets a high five for being a stand up guy. Oh, her name is Sylvie - I prefer Sobe & a muzzle. & Phillip figures out the clothes in the photo are those of Elenas. 

With Cain finally back in human form, Clayton takes over questioning him trying to find out what is making Jeremy sick, while Elena is looking for the mutts & clues. Cain mocking Pete's death & giving Clayton the gory details was probably the dumbest thing Cain could have ever done. We already know Clayton is a loose cannon, well, he just lit the fuse. & Clayton showed immense restraint. I would have killed him - no questions asked. Somehow, the two seem to be speaking on terms they both relate too. I think if Cain wasn't a mutt, he & Clayton could have been good friends. Clay extending the olive branch to allow Cain to join the pack - not sure if it is legit or a set up. Curious, very curious. 

Jeremy is deteriorating quickly. Nick is tying up is fathers loose ends & seemingly fitting into his fathers position smoothly. In the mean time, Elena catches up with Cains hooker looking thingy. Her name is Amber...and she genuinely loves Cain & apparently he does her as well. Curious, even the mangy need a hug. Oh look, the psycho killer dude & Carl show up. Seeing Elena once again humiliate this psycho dude is hilarious, even Carl found it funny. Gotta admit, Elena is a legit bad ass when she wants to be. 

Back at Stonehaven, with the poison named, Elena is quick to get on with healing Jeremy which involves a blood transfusion. Interesting to see a direct vein to vein transfusion happening, but whatever to save the alpha. 

Elena just ripped Clayton a new one over Amber & Cain. How Cain loved her enough to be honest with her about who & what he is. Yet he refuses to bite her because he doesn't want to lose her. Complete opposite of what happened with her & Clayton. She gets 10 points for being an epic bitch. Clayton strips Cain nekkid & is questioning him about Amber. Hearing him ask Cain is he pictures himself growing old & having littles with Amber & seeing Cains tears flow & answering honestly is sad. Knowing that big ass chompy thing Clayton is holding is probably used for clipping the ball sack off of someone is pretty sad. I am sitting here screaming at him to be the bigger man right now. PLEASE CLAYTON!!! & forget about Clayton being the bigger person. There goes Cains sack. No babies ever for him. OUCH!!!! My hooha hurts just thinking about all that & I don't even have a sack. 

Logan still isn't answering the packs texts. Cain is now dead. & the mutts have hired the former pack enforcer Jimmy Koenig. & apparently he is a top of the line killer. Seems like even more trouble is headed for the folks at Stonehaven. 

All in all, this was an OK episode. It was mostly them trying to find out what was used to poison Jeremy.

The Vampire Diaries :: S05E14 :: No Exit

So Damon is totally on the omnomnom vamp feeding kick thanks to Dr. Douche, I mean Wes. Nice calling card, Damon. Totes looks like Stefans. O_o & poor Enzo. He really may be a bit off kilter, but he is so (omnomnom) a good bff. Can he be our bff? & he comes in 2nd place for calling Damon. Kathelena

Can someone please off Dr. Douche please? Like, for real this time He just shot Enzo. Now Damon is all rawr, let me pull a vampy ripper. Acidic vamp blood? Ok, I don't like the doc, but he comes in 3rd place this episode. 

Kathelena (what do we call her?) is still trying to get her some of the Stefan sammich. She is all over that vampy man like there will be no tomorrow. She is almost believable as Elena. I bet by the end of this episode Stefan figures out it's really Katherine. Can she be any more desperate? Wait! Yes she can. Oh here, let me rub car part greasiness all over my shirt. "Oh Stefan, my poor shirt, here let me take it off." Oh wait a minute! "Oh Stefan, let us get a room, so we can shower." You know he is smelling something fishy. Ok, she was real smooth pulling the "oh stefan, please get me my shirt while I leave the door halfway open so you can see me nekkid." Stay strong Stefan! God, she is pathetic. Tempting Damon like that - someone please reverse this? 

Caroline & Tyler - they just need to stop. OMG she boned Klaus, big deal. Tyler was to busy off trying to kill Klaus he bailed on Caroline. & really, can we blame Caroline for shagging Klaus? Nope. I can't. Can we say when these two meet up it is so awkward. Seriously. Oh high five Tyler. He so apologized. But Caroline - girl, you slept with his arch enemy. So when does Caroline head to The Originals?

Man, why does everyone have to use & abuse Matt? He is the sweetest little fella. I can't deal. Nope. Just can not. He was real smooth laying one on Nadia to sneak a message to Caroline. Like almost ninja smooth. 

Nadia - she has deep rooted mommy issues. But she WINS for the best line of the show. "What's kanoodling?" I totally think she has the feelers for Matt. He's such a charmer. Hold up. Nadia wins this entire episode. Y'all hear that burn she totally laid down on Caroline. Nadia YOU WIN EVERYTHING. 

Travelers - again? Some hoodoo gypsy folks just love them some Damon. Oh haiiiii, there is that dead (he was offed wasn't he? I swore he was. I need to go back an episode or 3.) douche nozzle Dr. Douche, I mean Wes. Who is a dirty dirty little blonde haired man. 

Side note: How fab is that car Stefan is driving? So jelly. 

HOLY EFFIN HELL! Tyler bit Nadia. He BIT her. & I may or may not have threw half my cup noodles seeing that. Ciao! & that message Matt was able to get to Caroline is the first clue. Come on folks!!!! Come.on. & there goes my other half cup noodles. WINNER WINNER chicken dinner. Let's be honest here, Stefan & Caroline is almost doable. Nahhh. She is meant for Klaus. 

I am honestly surprised it took them this long to figure out that Katherine pulled a hostile takeover on Elena. Hello, this girl is your bbf4life & you can not tell the difference? At that point, you need to reevaulate your friendship. For serious. All in all, this was a good episode. Much to look forward to now that the Kathelena plot has thickened, Damon is blood thirsty for vampy blood, Matt, well he is a compelled mess, Nadia got bit by Tyler. Is it next week yet??? 

So anyways, I hope you folks are enjoying my randomness about these shows. & yes, my dogs did love my cup noodles. Any who, sound off below on what you think is going to happen next & don't forget to check out our super awesome facebook page by clicking here.  :)

The Originals :: S01E14 :: Long Way Back From Hell

My sweet loves, I mean our sweet loves & absolute faves are finally back! 

Ewwwww - one hell of a way to say hello & start an episode. Really, I mean really, why is it always Rebekah who gets staked? Can we just put her on the "do not stake" list please. Any who, this is going to be an interesting episode before. We really have never got much for Rebekah throughout TVD or this show since it was always Klaus this, Klaus that. I am curious to see what she did to piss off this Genevieve. 

Side note: why does Haley have a crop top underneath that sheer shirt? Just no. Oh & Haley going big boss lady on Celeste. Wack'a'mole. She wins the award for bad ass pregnant wolf chick. 

This Genevieve, I'm gonna call her Gen for short is confusing me. She legit just sliced Klaus open & ripped that hoodoo knife out of his chest. O_O Oh ok, now it makes sense. She is so going to get Rebekah staked again. Showing Klaus her plans to have him taken out. Yep, Marcel is a gonna be toasted too. So Gen has/had the total hots for Klaus (who doesn't?) & by showing him his beloved sisters memories of her trying to get him offed, well, Gen wins everything. Gah, Klaus with tears. I can't. He just is so not wanting to believe Rebekah is just as slimy as he is. Ok, she may win sibling of the year for this one. & there we have it folks. How Rebekah killed Gen. Nasty bloody gauze filled with the influenza germies. smh. Rough way to go. & Celeste. I am so over the girl. Like dude, get off it. Klaus killed you, well kinda. Big effin deal. Just stay dead. Obviously 200 years later Elijah still does not want you. 

Elijah & this witches childrens game seems fun. Then again, he is shirtless, no complaints. Oooh, Marcel coming clean to Elijah. Brave man, but of course he is still alive because Elijah knows all the well that Klaus kills or destroys any and all love. 

OMG like so just as Klaus is about to curvey knife Rebekah, BAM storms in Elijah & gets Klaus with the knife thingy. Holy hell. Excuse me, while I try to pick my jaw up off the floor. May take a few minutes. Alright its up. 

How dare they end this episode like this? Waiting until next Tuesday is going to be torture. Just stake me now please. 

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Star-Crossed :: S01E02 :: These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

Let's just start this off with saying how delicious Roman is. I mean really.

The Atrains wasted no time, none, zip, nada in retaliating against the humans. The bomb planting was smooth as hell. Not saying I blame them either. They've been basically held hostage for like 10 years. No freedoms, continuously monitored & then, during last weeks episode their leader was shot & killed. Totes understandable in the bombing. The Trags are clearly ready to raise hell. Nox's death was brushed aside. & of course they do - they go after Emery at the homecoming carnival. 

Let's be even more sad for Roman. He got kicked off prepping for his fathers funeral. Poor guy. Ugh, makes my heart heart. & he is so hurt. Yet lets Castor take over - doesn't even argue its his duty. I may or may not have screamed at him to drop his boys once or twice. Personally, I think this uncle is something shady & up to no good.

Her friends miraculous recovery was of course, thanks to Roman. & of course Emery has her suspicions it was Roman. He left the cyper/syper on the hospital room floor. Once she confronted Roman at school about it, he denied it of course, but we all know he is lying. He sucks really bad at fibbing. Or he's too delicious to be believable. Who knows. Then at the carnival when miracle girl touches Romans arm, did y'all see her arm light up like a glow stick? Oh yes, she knows. I do wonder what the side effects of this will be. 

The Atrian & human dynamic at school is such a mess. I wanna throttle that douche nozzle who has been giving the Atrians hell. & what do ya know, the Atrians don't even get to attend the homecoming carnival. No big surprise there. Oh hey look, a little gun toting Atrian guard meeting at the schoo. Emery's dad steps down, as he should. Beaumont is taking over. He spends the next few moments trying to assure parents their kids will be safe, yada yada. Really, its the humans who are the issue here. Red Hawks? Ooooh, is that like the human version of the Trags?? I wonder. Oh hold up, little Miss Emery found her big girl panties & is totally going hard & being an activist for the Atrians. I feel the need to high five her, several times. If they want this "intergration" to work, folks have to be willing to even attempt.

Roman meets with the elders. I wondered if they had any of those. Seems legit they do. Ummmmmm holy effin hell. So apparently Roman is like Atrian royalty kinda. & is supposed to takeover his fathers roll. Sure, like being an alien teenager attending high school isn't hard enough, let's make you leader of the tribe! & what do you know, dear ole Uncle Castor is all about being the "fill in" leader till Roman is ready. See, I knew that dude was up to something. Secretly, I bet he is a total Trag. & I may have just fell of my sofa. Roman is going to lead. Y'all I need a glass of water & one of those hand fans. Let's be real, Roman could make an excellent leader. He has so much compassion - its so written across his pretty face. & what do you know, he is SHADY! Hmfph. & dude, WTF. Either Roman is totally pulling a fast one over on the Trags to get the location of the weapons or he has simply lost his mind. I'm thinking probably option one since its more rational. 

OMG OMG OMG! Beaumont is an Atrian! OMG OMG OMG!!! But his tattoos glow - yep, that's pretty awesome. So the rumors were totally true that some Atrians could hide thiers. Alright fine, apparently they have them removed. I wonder if thats like lazor tattoo removal - I heard that hurts like hell.  *takes shovel to lift jaw off the floor*  Ok, Grayson, so wrong so so worng. He is with that weirdo red hawk dude. Oh ya know, thats totes his brother.

Laaawd I can not with this. There is so much going on all at once I am just, I can't. My mind is a mess. I CAN NOT even begin to process. Who am I kidding, I am royally obsessed with this show & this was only the 2nd episode. I really think the CW has done it again & kicked out another hit show. Man, they are on a roll this year! 

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Bitten :: S01E07 :: Stalking

This episode started off super tense. You could just feel it through your television (or computer) screen. Elena had returned in episode 6 with a "gift" from Daniel Santos meant for Jeremy. Can we just say ewwww. Like, who sends eyeballs as a gift. The mutts are clearly ready for war & have done nothing but prove it leading up to tonight's episode. Daniel calling Elena to set up a meeting with Jeremy is only another ploy in their quest for domination. Maybe if the mutts weren't out of their mind & murderous dogs they wouldn't be 2nd class citizens. 

Now let's discuss this wolfy kinda pregnancy. Holy bombshell was dropped. How could she never have told her boyfriend about a previous pregnancy. I mean, that kind of thing will come up at your first OBG appointment. I am a wee bit curious as to see how this storyline will pan out. If you have read the books, you will know that the male babies are taken & brought up within the male society of the pack. So this won't be a secret for much longer. Especially once they get wind of the torture & heinous acts Daniel Santos is causing. & poor Logan wants nothing more than for his little wolfy baby to be a girl that way said wolfy child isn't ripped from their mothers arms. Gah, heartbreaking scenario all around. 

Phillip seems to be at a loss or just plain beside himself with Elena going poof, vanish, gone without saying goodbye. Sure she sent a text in last weeks episode, but she was gone with the wind. & this Sophie/Sobe girl, who was apparently a fling once upon a time ago is all up in this delicious mans junk. Could she come off any more desperate or needy? I may or may not have been yelling at her, "Hunty didn't your mama teach you it's better to play hard to get then easy peasy." 

The whole shenanigans at the pavilion, well how could they not expect for Daniel Santos to play fair? Of course Cain was going to be there to try & take down Clayton. Putting that box there was the distraction needed for Cain to slink on in. But really, the brilliant set up was the staged car accident & the attack on Jeremy. Then poof Santos appears out of nowhere. That little mutt is such a total whine ass & can't even play fair. I mean seriously, if you want to challenge pack alpha, do it properly. Now Elena going all werewolf & t-boning Cain - the woman needs a high five. For someone who doesn't have feelings for Clayton, she sure does look after his deliciousness. Daniel did manage to get a brutal blow to Antonio. Gah, talk about your heart sinking. Poor Nick, I can't even begin to deal with how he would handle losing his father. In the meantime, can someone please put Santos down, I have a shock collar y'all can borrow. (kidding)

Meanwhile, back at Stonehaven, the pack is doing a serious medical beat down to save Antonio's life. Seeing him cough up blood, well, generally that's never good. Hello, I know pack safety and keeping ish on the low down is uber important, but the man is seriously bleeding to death & has internal injuries. Yes, be prepared to scream loudly, using foul language during that scene. This whole time the focus has been on saving Antonio, yet Jeremy, pack leader, alpha neglected to tend to his own stab wounds & down he goes. 

I am traumatized for life. Cain has sex, in a trailer with this hooker looking thing. EYE BLEACH!!!

Seriously, back to Stonehaven. Caption obvious, I mean Jeremy states the obvious, Antonio is bleeding internally & of course Nick wants to take him to the hospital. I vote hospital too. However, Jeremy says no, we can't do that. -Insert loads of screaming & cuss words here- Gah, and the mans dying wish for Elena is basically to stay at Stonehaven, because the boys need her. Let's be real, Clayton needs her. In between his dying words to the rest of the pack, Antonio has Nick come down real low & close & whispers his dying sweet nothings into his ear. I have a whole case of Kleenex here for those of you who need one. I went through an entire box. Right now, Jeremy is on my ish list. With his goodbyes said, Antonio passes away. DEVASTATING. *passes Kleenex around* 

Revenge. That is currently what is on every ones minds. Jeremy sends Elena & Clay to track down Cain & bring his mangy ass in. Oh once again, the lady officer shows up looking for Clay. Can't they leave a fella alone? I know he is the town psycho path, but come on. I may have just lost my marbles. Cain & this hooker looking thing he is shacked up with are an odd pair. He refuses to bite her & risk her death. Clearly he must have some sort of feelers other than the ones in his 2nd head. & this hooker looking thing is all let's be bonnie & clyde. O_o 

Totally irrelevant to any & everything right now. Y'all see that phone booth? Those things still exist? I thought they went extinct!! (My age is showing)

"Easy, you're dumb & you're slow" - Elena. Best line of the entire show. Of course she said this while throwing down old school style with Cain in a gas station parking lot. Gotta give the woman credit, she is a bad ass. & the mutt was stupid enough to think she came alone? Girl, bye. He had to have known Clayton wouldn't be to far away from his lady shewolf. Needless to say, this fugly mutt is in the cage.

Oh Elena, stop doing this to Phillip. The man just does not deserve it. In her teary eyed phone call to let him know she is OK, he seemed so hesitant. I don't know how he puts up with it.

Cue Jeremy going down for the count & end credits. 

Overall, this episode had me raging, crying, wanting to give out high fives. I've got my money on that knife that stabbed Jeremy to have been poisoned. Sound off in the comments on what you think is wrong with the fearless/ful pack leader. 

Episode 8 :: Prisoner :: March 3rd
A poisoned Jeremy grows weaker by the hour as Elena and Clay race against the clock to save his life, but run into hurdles as they interrogate a Mutt and contend with a werewolf wannabe.      


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