Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review for The Magick Weaved on a Samhain Eve

The Magick Weaved on a Samhain Eve
A Novella
By V.J. Chisholm, Vamptasy (2012)

Possessive, arrogant spirit lovers. Single, horny, experimental witches. All in a novella about the size of this review (I kid, it is actually 54 pages). This little story is like the perfect, sweet snack before dinner: small and easy to digest. Not quite a short story, but definitely not long enough to be considered a novel, The Magick Weaved introduces a story from the perspective of a coven healer, Alexia.

After a coven meeting that more resembled a girl’s night, during which it is revealed that Alexia had not enjoyed a lover’s touch in years, the coven decides to find a spell that will attract sexy bed partners on Samhain. These spirits (unknown creatures: are they Gods? Djinn? Anatomically correct ghosts?) service the witches willingly, and loudly. Hoping for a one night, ethereal stand,  Alexia gets stuck with the know it all spirit that thinks he owns her now.

Chisholm kept the sex scenes light, teasing the reader with hot and heavy petting descriptions and then fading to satisfied lovers. The author also kept the descriptions of scenery brief, so that every location mentioned seems vague, like a foggy memory. As with most novellas, The Magick Weaved focuses the most on the main character and her trials with her spirit lover, Lance. Chisholm does a good job letting Alexia develop emotionally, depicting her early on as a picky, controlling woman perfectly content to live life with a battery operated boyfriend rather than settle for a flawed human in for a pleasant surprise with the sex spell. Overall, a good, quick read written by a sex scene shy author.

Reviewed by H. Herzog, who is a workaholic, gamely tending to the duties of family, garden, writing and a satellite installation warehouse all while really looking forward to the next good book to fall into her lap.

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