Monday, September 16, 2013

A Job From Hell (Ancient Legends Book 1) Review

A Job From Hell (Ancient Legends Book 1)

Jayde Scott

Reviewed by ~Alice~


Book Blurb: Enter a world of forbidden love, rituals, dark magic and ancient enemies...

An ancient bond draws Amber to the immortal Aidan shortly before her eighteenth birthday when she starts her summer job in Scotland and unknowingly wins the deadly prize in a paranormal race, turning her from a mere mortal into a priceless commodity. With every immortal creature hunting her for her new ability, Amber's life will never be the same again, unless she searches the Otherworld to retrieve what everyone wants. But to do so, Amber must die.

**Review**: If you’re trying to decide whether or not to read this series, don't wait! Trust me. A Job From Hell is the first book in the Ancient Legends series. It's a fantastic paranormal story with a vast array of intricate, complete and original storylines and dialogues. Enticing story? Yes. Characters you can fall in love with? No doubt about it. Action and drama? Absolutely. Funny and entertaining? You betcha. I am hooked on this series and it’s FREE for the Nook AND Kindle. You'd be crazy to not read this one!!!!

4 of 5 Fangs

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