Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Clockwork Fairytale Review

A Clockwork Fairytale
By Helen Scott Taylor


Melba was raised as a boy to pick pockets and run messages in the poor outer circles of Royal Malverne Isle. When Master Turk, a young spymaster, accepts her pledge to join his gang, she can't wait to become a spy. With his exotic southern looks and wealthy lifestyle, Turk fascinates her. Not only is he a famous spy, he also wields earth magic. But Turk is not who he seems. He follows the orders of a higher power and his master has secret plans for Melba, plans that make her the target of foul magic, plans that challenge Melba and Turk's beliefs about life and duty, plans that tear them apart, just as they discover what it means to fall in love.

**Review**:  From the start, you are submerged in a world full of steampunk, fantasy, and spirits.  When you are thrown into this world, you hit the ground running, and the pace never slows.  It is a combination of Pygmalion, Princess Bride, Romeo & Juliet, and Anastasia, all seamlessly combined.  I felt compassion for the characters and it made an excellent movie in my head.  Appropriate for Y/A and above, but do not let that turn you off to the story.  The writing was not over-simplified at all and I am definitely looking forward to future books in this enchanting world.  

Soundtrack suggestion?  I was listening to Dead Can Dance while reading this and it provided deeper immersion into this fantastical world.

4 out of 5 fangs

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