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Practical Uses for Princes with Pointed Ears

Practical Uses for Princes with Pointed Ears
(Otherworld Realms Book 1)
By Isabelle Saint-Michael
Reviewed by *Simi*



Lillian Chambers was just an ordinary high school teacher, until she fell through a Fairy Circle. When she came to on the other side, she was surprised to find herself in the company of an Elven prince she thought only existed in her dreams. Now she’s slaying monsters and rescuing Prince Tallyn, instead of playing the part of the damsel in distress.

Tallyn had been the protector of his kingdom for over one hundred years. He knows that the world is filled with danger around every corner, but these days he’s finding himself babysitting the annoyingly fearless Lady Lillian.

When their worlds collide sparks fly, humorous situations ensue and the only thing for sure is that neither will ever be the same. Practical Uses for Princes with Pointed Ears takes readers on an adventure into a modern fairytale where we explore what it really means to fall for Prince Not-so-Charming.


5 of 5

I absolutely adore a strong leading lady and that's exactly what you get with Lily Chambers! She's not afraid to save herself, even against seemingly impossible odds. Throw in an equally strong (and stubborn) Elven prince and watch the sparks fly! Tallyn is a study in brooding masculinity but Lily seems to bring out his softer well as his irritation. The woman never does what he expects! Even as his feelings grow, he fights against the knowledge that she's his Soul Mate. For some crazy reasons, he doesn't feel deserving of his title and therefore, his link to Lily. But when push comes to shove, she's HIS and he'll fight for her or with her in every single battle! Friendships are made, love is found, jelousies are discovered and magic is EVERYWHERE in this amazing story you're sure to love!

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