Friday, January 23, 2015

Watch me Burn By: Nikki Drost
Reviewed by: IVY
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Jamie Trudeau is Westhaven’s newest shape shifting bad boy. With his trademark Mohawk, ink covered body, and arrogant smile woman seem to drop at his feet. That is, except for the one that he wants. As an Enforcer and a member of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, Jamie overcomes every obstacle that is thrown his way. With the power to manipulate fire and electricity, there isn’t an enemy alive that he cannot defeat. But what happens when his worst fear comes to pass? Will it be too much for the werewolf to handle?
Kelsey Collins is your typical rich girl who enjoys shoes, booze, and boys with tattoos. She never lets anything get in between her and what she wants and Jamie Trudeau is her newest desire. The shifter is everything that she has ever wanted in a man and she won’t stop until he is hers. But when she is faced with a life altering decision will Kelsey chose her dream man or the one thing that will drive the two of them apart for good?
With a new threat looming over Jamie and his fellow Enforcers, they must do everything they can to protect those they hold dear, even if that means working with new allies. Enemies come in all forms, and some are too close for comfort.  
Such an awesome read. I feel like recently I've been burnt out on shifters, but Nikkie Drost is able to take you there with a whole new twist. Shifters, Angels, Vampires oh my! So, without spoiling but to give you a little more juice to entice you, here goes. Kelsey is a good-time loving girl. She's from a rich and politically powerful family, a family that she wants nothing to do with. She doesn't want to fill the plan that they have for her and that includes her future husband. Her family couldn't be more unhappy with her. She currently has her sights on the town's playboy, Jamie Trudeau. And somehow he also has his sights on her. She can't believe her luck. But she's pretty sure that they'll have a little fun in the sack and he'll move onto another woman, as he's been known to do. During their night of passion, it registers with Jamie that she is not just any girl, she's his mate. The only woman for him. He can never be with another woman but Kelsey for the rest of his life. But can he put her through the life of being with a Horseman. Is it fair to her? Kelsey tells him that it's always been him and will be him. Due to Jamie's past, he has a hard time opening up. If he can't tell her how he really feels, will he lose Kelsey and his one chance a true happiness?
4 out of 5 fangs       ~Ivy

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