Thursday, October 3, 2013

Angel Heat Review

Angel Heat

Leslie A. Borghini

Reviewed by ~Alice~


Book Blurb:  The two most powerful entities in the universe have a meeting, and it does not go well. The fate of all humanity is at stake. God and Lucifer remain at odds on how best to deal with mankind. While the Prince of Darkness' minions continue to do his bidding, Heavenly angels have their own agenda. Only seven days remain before all life on Earth will be extinguished. Angels, witches, and demons must somehow set aside their differences and join forces to save the planet. Going against their masters, they struggle to save all of creation from a fiery destruction. God, who is frustrated and has lost faith in humanity, and the Father of Lies, who sees only opportunity, come to blows, and a powerful witch becomes the unlikely key to mankind's survival. Lines between good and evil become blurred in a frightening tale of horror and betrayal, love and redemption. When neither God nor the Devil can foresee the outcome, what hope is there for the human race? "Angel Heat" is a roller coaster ride through Heaven and Hell, and readers are given a seven-day pass to buckle up and hold on for dear life.

**Review**: I’ve never been a huge horror fan, but this book was an exception for me.  It was well written/edited so it kept me turning the pages faster.  The author creates a world where you might just end up rooting for the “bad guys”.  I enjoyed the fresh storyline and creative twist on the characters.  Warning: there are quite a few scenes that might be disturbing for some and not for the faint of heart.  If you can get past that, you’ll love it.  It’s descriptive, definitely well-researched and full of dark humor which is right up my alley!  Looking for something new and addicting?  Well, what are you waiting for?  Get on it already!

5 of 5 Fangs

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