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Her Viking Wolf Review

Her Viking Wolf

Theodora Taylor

~ Review by Aingeal ~


Blurb:  When Chloe Adams was four she was abandoned on the side of the road by her shiftless shifter parents. But now she's a DIY domestic goddess, and engaged to the hottest alpha in Colorado - that is until a time-traveling Viking werewolf shows up to claim her as his fated mate.
Wait, what?!?!
Hold on to your readers, this book contains not one, but two alpha males, sizzling hot mating, and nothing less than the adventure of a lifetime.

Review:  Let’s meet our cast shall we? We have our lovely heroine, the DIY domestic goddess herself Chloe Adams.  Adopted by the Colorado pack when she was just 4 years old, Chloe has grown up with her best friend and fiancĂ© Rafe. He’s what every female wolf wants, handsome, rich, heir apparent to the leader. Alas, he just doesn’t stir the fire in Chloe’s blood.

Enter Fenris.  Our male lead hales from the 12th century and this Alpha Viking wolf has travelled through time to meet his fated mate and take her back home.

It seems our Chloe is destined to be a pack leader’s mate no matter which way she goes.

The Alpha wolf we love to dislike – you really can’t hate Rafe, even though he is obnoxious and overbearing.  All the machismo seems to be a male Alpha trait. To give Rafe credit, his father is equally obnoxious (if not more so).  Rafe has grown up believing that whatever he wants is his.  In his own way he loves Chloe, but it is not the mate kind of love. Rafe will be going to Alaska on pack business, and to check out their dames.

There is a lot to love about this book, it gets your attention and keeps it, flows smoothly and you know how things happen as it is explained out to you. 
**Spoiler Alert** You know Fenris traveled through time with the aid of a spell, that he has a return spell and that in the modern era that spell has been lost.

Fenris’ reactions to all today’s world are hilarious and believable, alas, Chloes' reaction to winding up in the 12th century not so much.  Yes, she knows about time travel, but knowing about it and experiencing it are two entirely different things. I’m sorry, but opening your eyes and finding yourself about 800 years in the past is a little mind blowing. Finding out you were tricked into ending up there …. Well I know I wouldn’t be giving him the silent treatment, it would be more of a “Buddy your ass is grass and I am the lawnmower” type of thing.

Also, neither Chloe nor Fenris ever EVER shift to their wolf forms. Okay, we understand it is dangerous once she is pregnant, but hello, not once in the days prior to that do they change. 4 days of marathon sex – Yee haw! But still…

And Fenris, seriously man, you are attacked just before you leave your time and you don’t shift and kick some butt? Yes, we know you are tired from hunting, but survival is at stake here. Oh! Say the spell and poof gone to meet your fated mate.

Then you bring her back to your time, and you are once again attacked. By multiple assailants again.  Do you shift? No, you fight as a normal human Viking. Your cousin tries to assassinate your mate, do you hunt him down? No, you let him live for months and even then you do not shift into wolf.  As a Viking you are amazing, as a wolf you suck. But I believe the Vikings would have fought back and killed your cousin with the first attempt, not let him live on to try and try again.

I look forward to reading more from this author as she is very talented and her book was an enjoyable read. But, due to the inconsistencies I cannot give it more than 3 ½ fangs.

3 ½ out of 5 Fangs

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