Thursday, March 13, 2014

Demon King's Desire Review

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Blurb: Jenna Jenson is a 25-year-old journalist living and working in New York. She’s tried to locate her four sisters after being separated from them following their mother’s death. A reporter for New York News newspaper, she is investigating the seven deaths and three disappearances when she’s attacked by a man whose supernatural abilities supersede her super hearing, strength and abnormal reflexes. She is rescued by a handsome powerful demon, Lucas, and powers she never knew she possessed are revealed. Lucas, the demon king, has been fighting Malum Inmortalis, evil immortals, for centuries.

After a war in his demon plane and home, Treconomia, that killed his entire family, he’s dedicated his life to combating Malums. He created the Guardian league to help save immortals and humankind from the Malums, whose goal is to rule immortals and mankind. The evil he has battled for centuries and his purpose is deferred when he hears Jenna’s voice, the woman he has been waiting for centuries, not because she is part of a new breed of immortals prophesied to evolve that could either save or destroy human life, but because she is the woman he’s been dreaming of for centuries, his fated mate.

Review: When I first started this book, it seemed a little slow going for me. I stayed with it though and was definitely glad that I did. While certain aspects of the story reminded me of the Black Dagger Brotherhood or the Dark Hunter series this book was a story all its own. Not often do you read a book like this where the female lead is so strong that she doesn't rely much on the males. The characters are likable and not way over the top like some can be. I look forward to reading more about Jenna and her sisters in future books as I'm sure their stories should be every bit as good. I would recommend this to those that like books along the same lines as the BDB, Dark Hunter or Midnight Breed series.

     4 out of 5 fangs  ~Storm         

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