Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Burning at Last by Crystal Rister
Reviewed by Storm
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Blurb: Sara Thomas’s home is burned down, her parents with it. To keep her safe, the only other survivor other than herself and the house staff, Jarroth Denton, makes her run for her life. Thirteen years later they are reunited, but not in the happy setting they would like. A completely different world reveals itself to Sara as once again, danger finds her. In hopes of keeping her safe from the monsters on her trail, Jarroth forces Sara to move into his house. He reveals secrets that could risk exposure of his hidden nature, as well as cause him to lose Sara all over again. Things get tense as not only the threat gets closer, but the Burn in Jarroth is reignited. As his mate, it’s Sara’s choice to give it relief.

~~~~~For readers 18 years and older only. Contains violent and sexual content.~~~~~
I admit when I first started reading this Novella, the names Jarroth and Sara had me thinking of the movie Labyrinth and I was thinking that maybe it wouldn't be a very good paranormal romance. I was so wrong! This author has the makings to be a very good writer. The story keeps you interested from beginning to end and you never know what to expect. The one thing I didn't like though is that it ends on a major cliffhanger and I really do not like those at all. I will however be interested in reading more because I really want to know what happens in this whole story.

4 out of 5 fangs    ~Storm

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