Sunday, April 12, 2015

Desolate urban fantasy masterpiece

Earth's Requiem by Ann Gimpel
Reviewed by Aingeal

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Resilient, kickass, and determined, Aislinn's walled herself off from anything that might make her feel again. Until a wolf picks her for a bond mate and a Celtic god rises out of legend to claim her for his own.

Aislinn Lenear lost her anthropologist father high in the Bolivian Andes. Her mother, crazy with grief that muted her magic, was marched into a radioactive vortex by dark creatures and killed. Three years later, stripped of every illusion that ever comforted her, twenty-two year old Aislinn is one resilient, kickass woman with a take no prisoners attitude. In a world turned upside down, where virtually nothing familiar is left, she’s conscripted to fight the dark gods responsible for her father’s death. Battling evil on her own terms, Aislinn walls herself off from anything that might make her feel again in this compelling dystopian urban fantasy.

Fionn MacCumhaill, Celtic god of wisdom, protection, and divination has been laying low since the dark gods stormed Earth. He and his fellow Celts decided to wait them out. After all, three years is nothing compared to their long lives. On a clear winter day, Aislinn walks into his life and suddenly all bets are off. Awed by her courage, he stakes his claim to her and to an Earth he's willing to fight for.

Aislinn’s not so easily convinced. Fionn’s one gorgeous man, but she has a world to save. Emotional entanglements will only get in her way. Letting a wolf into her life was hard. Letting love in may well prove impossible.


 Have you ever picked up a book by a new to you author and been transported to another world? That is what happens when you start reading Earth's Requiem by Ann Gimpel.
You are transported into her world of our earth, a post apocalyptic earth, but ours none the less. The landscape has changed, bringing to mind the ghost towns of the old west only with the vestiges of what we now have here in this modern age. We see the shadows cast by our civilization, what was there before the Lemurians and the Dark Ones came and changed everything.
Up until now I had never even heard of Lemuria - and yes, I did google it just to see if it was "real" or a figment of the author's brilliantly vivid imagination.
Gimpel blends her characters with myths and legends into a vibrant word painting using the deft strokes of her keyboard as DaVinci or Rembrandt did with brushes and paint. She creates a world that is at once fulfilling while at the same time leaving you hungry for more.
Earth's Requiem is a vibrant masterpiece of a desolate urban fantasy landscape.
With the help of her bond mate wolf, Rune, and Fionn (whose lovely Irish cadence just curls my toes) Aislinn strengthens and sharpens her skills. With the help of Celtic gods, and the questionable assistance of the ancient dragon Dewi, Aislinn and the other magic wielding humans fight to free earth from the nefarious clutches of the Lemurians and Dark Ones.
Jump into Gimpel's vision in Earth's Requiem and the only way you will be disappointed is if you don't have book 2 ready to go once you've turned the last page.

5 out of 5 fangs 
~ Aingeal 


  1. Thank you so much for featuring Earth's Requiem. I truly appreciate it!

  2. Okay, let's try this once more. You may end up with two comments from me, but I wanted to thank you very sincerely for hosting Fionn, Aislinn, and the rest of the cast of Earth's Requiem. I truly appreciate it.


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