Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Judgment of the Six, Book One
By Melissa Haag, Smashwords (March 3rd, 2013)

A world in which werewolves have been forgotten; a foster child who seeks independence; a new breed of humans that are compatible with the werewolves: welcome to Hope(less). Gabby, an unusual teen with the ability to mentally sight every human nearby, discovers that werewolves do exist, and they are in danger of dying out. Thanks to her unusual magnetism that usually draws nothing by extraordinarily interested men, werewolves can physically sense whether or not they are compatible with Gabby during the Introductions at the werewolves’ compound in Canada.

Two years pass by, and Gabby is convinced that she will have satisfied her duties as a ward of the werewolf, Sam, without being mated against her will with one of the wolves; that is, until she meets Clay. A wild raised, mild mannered were, Clay becomes Gabby’s shadow in the form of her very large dog, patiently waiting for her to claim him as her mate.

Hope(less) was a surprisingly engrossing read, with a well written plot, a fun narrative, and surprisingly adult take on relationships. While not necessarily romantic, the relationship of trust and respect building between Clay and Gabby produces moments of sweetness. The intimate moments shared between the two, while portrayed as friendly, keep the reader’s heart racing. This story is a happy reminder that a solid, healthy relationship doesn’t need to be empowered by sex. Gabby is a strong leading female, and Clay compliments her by being a non demanding but equally independent male.

Overall, Hope(less) is a fantastic read, one that has the reader turning pages quickly. Expect to finish this in one sitting, not because it is brief (it is not), but it is that good.

Reviewed by H. Herzog, who is a workaholic, gamely tending to the duties of family, garden, writing and a satellite installation warehouse all while really looking forward to the next good book to fall into her lap.

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